What to Include in Vacation Home Rentals

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In recent years, more and more property owners have started to offer their vacation properties for short-term vacation rentals, and this has proven to be a lucrative income stream for many people. If you are interested in offering your secondary property for vacation home rentals, our team at Property Valet can help. We have extensive experience in the property management industry, including plenty of experience with vacation home rentals. In this article, we’ll go over a few key things to include in your vacation home rentals in order to attract a steady stream of guests and keep them satisfied.

What to Include in Vacation Home Rentals

• Wi-Fi – One thing every vacation home rental needs is Wi-Fi capabilities. Your guests need to be able to check email, look up flight times, research local activities, and browse the web with ease.

• TV – We also recommend including a TV with streaming services at your vacation home rentals. While some people like to pack their vacations with sightseeing and activities, others prefer to take a more laid-back approach and will appreciate the chance to relax with a favourite show during their stay.

• Kitchen – Part of the appeal of renting a vacation home rather than booking a hotel room is being able to enjoy more amenities, such as a full kitchen rather than a kitchenette. We encourage you to equip your vacation home rental with a full set of kitchen appliances—stove, refrigerator, dishwasher—and to stock it with a complete set of dishware and cooking utensils to allow your guests to enjoy home-cooked meals. Also, it’s wise to include a coffeemaker as well as a selection of coffee and tea for your guests to enjoy.