Rental Income Calculator

Use our rental income calculator to see how much you can make on your investment.

Investing in a vacation rental is a great way to earn a little cash on the side, or even to earn a significant income if you own multiple properties. But before you put your property up for rent, you likely want to know how much your investment will provide in return on a regular basis.

Rental Income Calculator

At Property Valet, we’ve created a rental income calculator you can use to estimate how much your vacation rental will return on a regular basis. To use our rental income calculator, you’ll need to input several pieces of information, like the size of your vacation rental, how many nights you expect it to be rented out, the rate you will charge, maintenance costs, etc.

If you want help managing the expenses associated with your vacation rental, we are here to help. As a short-term property management company, we can help you keep your vacation rental in great shape and ready for each and every new guest.

After you book guests in your vacation rental, our team can provide 24/7 support to make sure your guests have a great experience and leave you an excellent review. We can also help you improve and beautify your rental, so you can charge more per stay and see even higher returns on your investment.

Our rental income calculator is a great place to start if you’re interested in investing in a vacation rental. For more information about this calculator or to learn more about our property management services for short-term rentals, contact us today.