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Property Valet

A full service property management company for owners of second homes, vacation rentals and investment properties.

Don’t let owning a second home turn into a second job. Whether you’re trying to pay off your mortgage or generate retirement savings, Property Valet is here to help you maximize your return on investment. Here’s how we help:

Maintaining Property

  • Renovations & interior design
  • Professional cleaning
  • Routine maintenance checks
  • Receiving deliveries and drop-ins
  • Electrical work & appliance installations
  • Handyman jobs

Generating Bookings

  • Professional photos and videos
  • Listings on top 16 booking sites
  • Dynamic price optimization technology
  • Custom copywriting
  • Targeted advertisements
  • Community engagement & marketing

Taking Care of Guests

  • Fresh linens & spotless house
  • In-person check-ins
  • 24/7 Guest Experience Coordinator
  • Welcome package
  • Stocking guest amenities
  • Custom services: stocking groceries, setting temperature, etc

Taking Care of You

  • Guest screening & damage deposits
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Quarter annual reviews
  • Communication with condo boards
  • Full access to back end of booking software
  • Reserve your property for yourself or friends at anytime

How It Works

Step 1

Getting to know you and your property

Let’s chat! We’re all about getting to know our clients and their long term goals for their vacation rental property or second home.

Step 2

Time to spruce it up!

Market research shows people shop first with their eyes, so we may suggest some minor design & handyman work or bigger renovation projects to get your property ‘Instagram ready.’

Step 3

Showing off your sparkling estate

We will arrange for professional photography for your beautiful property to be taken on your schedule.

Step 4

Getting you Seen

Once we have the perfect pictures and all needed marketable assets for your portfolio, our booking manager will ensure that your property is listed on 16 different booking channels.

Step 5

Getting you Heard

Alert the media! It’s time to start a press launch and actively market your property online.

Step 6

Fine-tailoring your guest experience

It’s always our #1 priority to treat your home like our own and your guests like distant family (you know, the ones whose arrival you plan for weeks in advance).

Step 7

Cleanliness is key

After every visit, we have your space professionally cleaned. Our guest experience coordinator conducts meticulous weekly walk-throughs to ensure everything is on-point.

Step 8

Keeping on top of your books

Our services include diligent monthly financial reports and payment breakdowns. Every month, we will send you a thorough statement of the finances for the month and deposit your rental income.

Step 9

Quarterly reviews and news

Every four months, we will jump on the phone or plan a local meeting place of your choosing to discuss your property, both the highlights and the plan for the upcoming quarter.

Step 10

Did we mention that we’re big on communication?

We will keep up to date with any condo board to facilitate all routine maintenance and won’t hesitate to call for any recommended repairs or suggestions. For your peace of mind, we are here so you don’t have to be.

Partnering with Property Valet ensures that your property is being seen on top vacation rental sites. More exposure means more bookings!

At Property Valet, we offer rental property management services in Ontario and Quebec, including Collingwood, Grand Bend, and The Blue Mountains, Ontario, as well as Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

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