Posted on 1/14/2022 by Property Valet

House Cleaning: Areas to Focus on Between Guests

You want to get great reviews when you own a vacation property, and a big part of making this happen is making sure your rental is completely clean between guests. But house cleaning can feel like an overwhelming chore, especially if you’re short on time. These house cleaning tips can help you tackle the areas that matter most, so you can continue to have happy guests.

  • Watch Out for a “Hairy” Situation. There’s nothing that will gross out a guest faster than a hair left over from a prior renter. Thoroughly vacuum your flooring between guests while you’re doing the house cleaning. You should also wash all sheets and towels thoroughly and clean out the drains in the bathrooms frequently.
  • Tackle the Pain Points. Certain items and parts of your rental are going to be particularly sensitive for guests when it comes to cleanliness. For example, your guests likely want a perfectly clean bathroom and a kitchen sink that doesn’t stink. Pay extra attention to these areas when you’re doing the house cleaning between guests.
  • Clear Up Clutter. Decorative objects can give your rental character, but they can also gather dust. Be selective about the decorative items you keep in your rental and make sure to clean them up often. You should also check in drawers, in closets, and under beds between each guest to make sure no items or belongings were left behind.

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