Posted on 1/15/2021 by Property Valet

Great Communication: The Key to a Better Short-Term Rental

There are many factors that impact your success in the short-term rental market, but good communication with your guests is one of the most important. Effectively communicating with your guests before, during, and after their stay can garner great reviews for your property and as a result, increased bookings.

Before the Stay

On your short-term rental listing, make sure your guests have all the information they need and then some about the property. Provide plenty of pictures and information about local points of interest, included amenities, and how to get in touch with you.

Make sure guests know your rules by outlining them clearly before every stay and make yourself available to answer questions, help with the booking, or provide basic information.

During the Stay

Providing a seamless check-in process and leaving a guest manual with all the rental’s information can help your guests feel at home. Once your guests check in, touch base with them to make sure they have everything they need and let them know how to reach you in case they need help or have more questions.

After the Stay

Encourage your guests to leave a review of your short-term rental after they leave. You can stick with the standard paper-and-pen survey that you leave in the house. Or, if you rent your property through Airbnb or another platform, make sure you encourage renters to leave their thoughts after they check out. In addition to gathering feedback, make sure you thank your guests for choosing your rental and encourage them to come again.

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