Posted on 12/15/2020 by Property Valet

What Do Airbnb Guests Actually Want from Their Rentals?

You want your Airbnb to stay booked all year long, and while this may be an ambitious goal, there are things you can do to increase your bookings. Here are a few things guests look for when booking that they want out of their rental when they come to stay at a property:

  • Cleanliness—No one wants to walk into their Airbnb and find dirty dishes in the sink, shelves caked in dust, and a dirty bathroom. Deliver on providing a spotless property whenever you rent out your place.
  • Easy check-in—Most guests will tell you they want to check into their Airbnb and get on with their stay without having to track down the host. Make it easier on your guests to check in by adding an electronic lock box with a code to your property.
  • Some basic essentials—Although not necessarily required, providing your guests with necessary essentials, like dish soap, laundry detergent, towels, shampoo, and other items can go a long way. No guest wants to have to run out to the store for something they forgot to pack when they’re on a trip.
  • Convenient parking—Make sure your guests always have a convenient place to park when they come to your rental. If your rental is in a big city, provide clear directions for how to find good parking on your listing.
  • Wireless internet—Almost everything today is done online, so provide your guests with the convenience of wireless internet. Keep in mind that a property without internet may even end up with you receiving some poor reviews.

Do you want some help making sure your Airbnb is always up to your guests’ standards? Contact us at Property Valet to find out what we can do!

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