Vacation Rental

Do you have a vacation rental in Ontario or Quebec? We can help you manage it.

A vacation rental can be a great investment, but it can also add a lot of stress and worry to your day-to-day life. Finding and vetting renters, cleaning the property between renters, and keeping up with the maintenance and repair needs can feel overwhelming. Here at Property Valet, we want you to know that there is another way to manage your vacation rental in Ontario or Quebec. One that will take all the stress and worry away from the process.

Vacation Rental

When you allow us to manage your vacation rental, we can take care of it all:

  • Listing creation: We will take professional photos of your property, and we have access to 16 booking platforms where we will create listings.
  • Booking management: You are likely to have a higher occupancy rate without all the stress.
  • Guest screening: We know that your property is valuable and will screen potential guests.
  • Price optimization: Not only will your occupancy rate be higher, but we will help you find the best nightly rate.
  • 24/7 Guest experience managing: Your guests can contact us anytime if an issue arises, meaning you don’t have to answer the phone in the middle of the night.
  • Interior design: We can help make sure that your property looks its best.
  • Professional cleaning: Our cleaners will make sure everything is spotless and looking great for each new renter.
  • Post-stay inspections: We will make sure your guests leave everything as it should be.

If there are aspects of your vacation rental that you want to continue to manage yourself, we can customize our services for you. Also, if your property needs renovations or repairs, we can handle all of that in-house. We can do year-round maintenance. Call today to learn more.

At Property Valet, we offer property management services for vacation rentals in Ontario and Quebec, including Collingwood, Grand Bend, and The Blue Mountains, Ontario, as well as Mont Tremblant, Quebec.


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