Posted on 3/15/2022 by Property Valet

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

You want people to enjoy staying at your vacation rental, and you also want to increase its popularity to increase your revenue. The good news is that making your vocational rental stand out isn’t difficult or even too expensive. These three extras can make your vacation rental get great reviews and stand out on listings.

  1. Include Streaming Services. Start by making sure your vacation rental has quick and reliable Wi-Fi. Once you do this, having a few streaming services your guests can use during their stay is a nice touch. Make sure you set up a guest account if you’re linking these services to your personal information.

  2. Provide Quality Interior Décor– A unit that looks really nice is going to rent more than a unit that is outdated.

  3. Upgrade the Kitchen Appliances. One of the perks about staying in a vacation rental is that you get to stay in a house with a full kitchen. Make your guests’ time at your vacation rental even better by upgrading your kitchen appliances. Consider investing in a modern coffeemaker (e.g. a Keurig), an outdoor grill, a built-in wine cooler, and other appliances that can make cooking and eating at your rental a good experience.

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